Conrad Villanueva Jr is the owner of this fine establishment, he is the son of a fisherman and early Placencia entrepreneur. Conrad Sr, had grown up as a fisherman in Placencia, worked in many different aspects of the village and has always been a roll model taking guys off the the street and showing them the way of a fisherman. as time went by he decided it was not the life for his youngest son Conrad Jr. so he made sure Conrad Jr went to school but little did he know tourism would get so big even though he was one of the pioneer in the transition between fishing and tourism,and as such tourism grew and Conrad Jr. seized the moment and after schooling got back on the sea living the life of a tour guide soon enough earning the ranks of Scuba Instructor and working in all the major marine tourist destinations in the country for some of the biggest names in the diving industry learning, getting insights, teaching himself on how to provide better more personalized services. seeing the faults in other whilst trying to improve on those. Eventually Creatong Placencia Wildside Adventures as a way to be his means to provide that service that he has seen lacking in the industry.

He has Succeeded, even though the road o being self employed is full of hardships he has still slowly making his way, providing top quality, private, personalized tours, for just a small fraction more than what it cost to go on group tours with complete strangers.

Day Trips in Placencia offered by Wildside Adventures:

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