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Spearfishing in Belize

Live Like a modern fisherman for Day Enjoy an unplanned adventure at our family owned private island. Many of these guides are a fisherman who once lived off the sea. Catch and eating fish, conch, lobster or crabs. This is your opportunity to go snorkeling for lobster or conch, which the guide will catch for you, once spotted. These catches will be your lunch on the island. Its also to perfect opportunity to just escape it all. Enjoy sunbathing and go snorkeling when you are ready. A Day at a Resort Island Here you may find some restriction set by the resort on what you can do, but its still a great escape for a day. The resort would have more amenities to enjoy.

Included in lionfish hunting TRIP

Park fees, Lunch, Water, Sodas or juice
Guide and dive Gears.

Please bring along: Sunscreen and towels.

Let’s Go Get Some Lionfish!

Depart at 9 a.m from our dock on the lagoon side of Placencia
Travel time: 1-hour boat ride to the park
Join the fish and protect the world’s second largest barrier reef.
Try to Break the Records for the Most Lionfish Caught in a Day.

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Hunting in Belize

Lobster Hunting and Island R&R

Our family owned island has nothing on it, just empty paradise! Live the life of a lobster fisherman for a few hours as we snorkel and hunt lobsters, and your guides catch them. If we find a conch, we pick it up; or a good eating fish, we spear it for the grill. Once the snorkel/hunt is done, we relax on the beach or in the water as the morning’s catch is being prepared and grilled.

Then we enjoy a seafood buffet from our catch. After lunch, we can either relax for the rest of the day or snorkel some more, depending on how you feel. Rum Punch is included, but you have to order it before the trip starts.

Keep in mind, lobsters and conch are seasonal, so our catch is
dependent on the season. Lobster season is closed from
February 14th to June 15th.Conch season is closed from
July 1st to October 1st

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