Snorkeling in Placencia

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Discover some of the best snorkeling spots Placencia has to offer. Our daily boat trips to Silk Cayes, Laughing Bird Caye, and other islands in Belize. Help us fight an infestation on the Coral Reefs, by going Lionfish Hunting. Other things to do in Placencia with us, are Fishing, Scuba Diving, and Dive Course.

Travel to Belize and see plenty of marine life: Eagle Rays, Sharks, Groupers, barracuda, and Turtles, Moray Eels, Parrot-fish, lobsters, seahorse along with brain coral, sea fans conch and other invertebrates. Many feeding on the seagrass beds in the shallow waters.

Join those who have snorkeled or dive these waters before and enjoyed a beach Barbeque for lunch with the crew of energetic guides.


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Our tour company has been certified by the Belize Tourism Board, for the new health and safety standard. As of October 7th, we are open for business.
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Things to do in Placencia

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Along with fantastic snorkel tours, There are plenty of tours and activities to do in Placencia. At Placencia Wildside Adventures, we focus on what we think are the best things to do during your vacation. At our dive shop, learn to scuba dive with PADI. Enjoy the life of a diver and dive at many of the best dive sites in southern Belize.

Play a part in fighting the lionfish invasion. Our take a boat cruise upriver as you explore the Monkey River and Jungle. Mayan Ruins and Waterfall are some activities you can see as well.

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  • rcjayhawk Avatarrcjayhawk

    5 star rating Akeem the Dream! Great trip with Akeem (sp?). Snorkeling trip out to Laughing Bird. Dolphins on the way out then the... read more - 8/20/2021 

    MEGANG653 AvatarMEGANG653

    1 star rating BOAT RIDE FROM HELL DO NOT BOOK HERE!!! Our lives were in danger. We got there and Conrad barely said two words to us,... read more - 8/10/2021 

    H565GQjenniferb AvatarH565GQjenniferb

    5 star rating Fishing and snorkeling! Jamie and Orlando picked us up from our dock and we