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Swimming with Whale Shark in Belize is our specialty tour. Our whale shark tours put snorkelers first. We can guarantee you, that we will do our best to seek out a whale shark for during our tour. From Placencia, we leave for Gladden Spit (locally called “point of the reef”), this is the portion of the Belize Barrier Reef furthest from the mainland and almost turns to a right angle.

This area is a spawning site for over 10 different species of fish, in March April, May and June, huge schools of cubera and mutton snappers aggregate in this area to reproduce, spawn is fish eggs and guess what fish eggs attract? Yes, you got it whale sharks. So this among other reasons is why this area is special.

Early booking highly recommended as limit space available.

whale shark gladden spit

Included in your Whale shark TRIP

Park fees, Lunch, Water, Sodas or juice, Guide and dive Gears (Fins, Mask, Snorkel).

Please bring along: Sunscreen, towels and underwater cameras.

Belize Whale shark season 2020 – Trip are done around these dates.

  • March 8th to the 19th (Full Moon 9th)
  • April 6th to the 17th (Full Moon 7th)
  • May 6th to the 17th (Full Moon 7th)
  • June 6th to the 15th (Full Moon 5th)

Photo Gallery

whale sharks in Belize

Our days starts in this area, we head out and once we are Gladden Spit we wait for the park rangers give us the go ahead (only 6 boats are allowed in the immediate area at the same time) once we have the go ahead we head out into blue water.

Yes this is a blue water snorkel, you will sometimes be able to see the huge schools of fish waiting to spawn, also other species of sharks, manta rays other pelagic fish. Sometimes the whale sharks cruise on the surface some times in a few fee of water other times all the way down deep. Normally when we encounter the whale sharks they swim steadily in one direction and we are able to get up-close to the majestic beasts. But sometimes we only see them in the distance. Beauty about it is that once the divers are down they wont move, for us being we are at the surface, we have fisherman fishing in the area so they can always sound the alarm when they see one and we can load up and move near to it.

After our allotted hour and a half is over we will then head and have lunch relax and maybe snorkel some reef around the area until the ranger gives us our second OK to go out, and we do it over again. If the possibility is looking slim we will pick up and head off the reef some distance and look for tunas schooling up nearby, whale sharks often follow the schools of tuna if we get lucky and find a school of tuna our chances of seeing a whale shark increases. We will comb the reefs edge for awhile hoping for that school of tuna this will lead us down to turtle alley where if nothing else we will snorkel with some turtles rays and nurse sharks.

We’ve allotted one boat for this venture and this boat is only allowed to have 12 passengers on board and spaces book up fast.

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