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The Monkey River Tour is one of Belize’s first river tours, it is one of best things to do in Placencia with your family. The Tour Combines a leisurely boat ride, Jungle hike, and Manatee Watching. The Monkey River eco tour is very easy to do, and being an eco-tour, you get to hold some of the jungle quitters. The Howler Monkeys which the river and town are named after is the highlight of the tour, but aren’t always a guarantee.

From start to finish you can expect to spot all different types of flora and Fauna. Osprey, Egrets, Baboons, Lizards, Green Iguanas, Turtles can all be seen from the seat of your boat. What makes the Monkey River Tour even more special, is the guide’s passion of sharing his backyard. Placencia Wildside Adventures Tour company, can arrange this tours and many more to fit any full itinerary.

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Included the monkey river TRIP

Belizean Lunch Special, Water, Sodas or juice, Passionate tour guide.

Please bring along: Sunscreen, insect repellent and binoculars if possible (towel optional).

Depart Placencia at 8 a.m

Boat Cruise and Jungle Hike

Fun, Educational and Adventurous
High possibility of seeing Dolphins, Manatee, Tarantula, Howler Monkeys, Iguanas, turtles many species of Birds

Monkey River Photo Gallery

Jungle Hike, Wildlife Sightseeing with Manatee Spotting

About 40 minutes south of Placencia and north of Punta Gorda Town is Monkey River Village, a small village at the mouth of Monkey River on the coastline. This place was once a thriving town, where the banana trade was centered and is now home to a small amount of Creole Belizeans. The tour departs from Placencia with an experience guide from the village.

During your Belize Vacation, Enjoy a short cruise through mangrove tunnels to the mouth of Monkey River. As the boat slowly cruises up the and then down river, your guide will point out various wild animals and insects of interest.

There are many species of birds, bats, sunbathing iguanas, turtles and sometimes even crocodiles. Eventually, you will stop at a nature trail chosen by your tour guide. He will then lead you along the tropical rainforest trail pointing out other items of interest while looking for the elusive Howler Monkey. These guys are small but loud. They can be heard from miles away, and you’ll most likely get to meet a few. If the river level is suitable, you will be able to take a swim and eventually cruise back to the village for some local Belizean lunch.

After lunch, indulge in chatting with friendly villagers and learn about their culture. On the way back, look out for the shy West Indian Manatees. These guys are very shy, but they’ll often pop up to look around.

From there, it’s back to Placencia to relax for the rest of the day.

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