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Placencia Peninsula is the top coastal destination in Belize, Central America. Thousands of travelers plan a trip to Placencia every year to engage in their favorite hobby. Some wish to increase their diving skills, catch that Grand Slam or snorkel at new places. Whatever the goal, Placencia Wildside Adventures is sure to deliver.

Plan a Day trip with Conrad and experience an adventure like no other. Whether you’re a first-timer or a professional, Conrad and his licensed tour guides will ensure that you are well-equipped and having fun; and if you’re still unsure about the water, they will take their time until you’re comfortable. All-day trips are private, whether you’re traveling with family, a group or alone.

Day Trips in Placencia includes traveling to islands/cayes and patches of reef. Get a chance to do the top tours in southern Belize.


Snorkelers Paradise


Snorkeler’s Paradise is a trip mainly done at Laughing bird Caye National Park and Lark Caye. At these location you will see an abundance of Marine life and diverse fringing Reef.

Other snorkel charters available from Placencia include: Pompion Caye, South Water Caye as well as half day trips at Lark Cayes or Bugle Cayes

girl snorkeling belize

Silk Cayes & Turtle Alley Snorkeling


Snorkel at some of the most beautiful cayes in Placencia. Silk Cayes was formerly known as “Queen Cayes” is a protected marine reserve just off the coast. The Reserve contains some of the healthiest parts of the reef system due to its elevation and crystal clear water. These three Cayes have been an all-time favorite for locals and is now a top destination for snorkelers. Loved for their turquoise waters with white sandy beaches. 

While exploring the reef, your guide will take you to Turtle Alley. Get a chance to meet Loggerheads, Sting Rays, Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. These creatures are harmless and enjoy the company. Simply keep your hands to yourself and enjoy the encounter.

night shorkeling placencia

Night Snorkeling


Sounds scary? It really isn’t.

Gear up, grab a light and follow your guide.

You will see the real “Wildside” of the reef. It amazing the difference in marine life in the same area. We will do 2 snorkels in the same area one at dusk to see whats out and then another after the sun sets.

See a difference in the marine life when the sun goes down. Its fun and exciting and our newest tour addition.


Seafood Hunting - Spearfishing

laughing bird caye national park

Snorkeling & Fishing combo

Designed with family in mind, start your day of bottom fishing, then a bit of trolling. From there head over to one of the islands, and snorkel then have a beach lunch in the afternoon fish or snorkel again, your choic
whale shark gladden spit

Swimming with Whales sharks


Our whale shark tours put snorkelers first and takes you to Gladden Spit (locally called “point of reef”) this is the portion of the reef furthest from the mainland. This area is a spawning site for over 10 different species of fish.

In the month of March April May and June, huge schools of cubera and mutton snappers aggregate in this area to spawn. The spawning attracts the Whale Sharks.

Please understands that, there is no guarantee of whale shark sightings, we can guarantee that our crew will do our best to seek out a whale shark for our guests.

Green iguana

Monkey River Tour

About 40 minutes south of Placencia is Monkey River Village, a small village at the mouth of Monkey River. Enjoy a short cruise through mangrove tunnels to the mouth of Monkey River. As the boat slowly cruises up the river, your guide will point out various wildlife along the banks of the river. There are many species of birds, minute bats, sunbathing iguanas, turtles and sometimes even crocodiles. Eventually, your guide will stop at a nature trail for a short tour in the jungle. Follow a narrow trail and learn about tropical plants and trees while looking for the elusive howler monkey. After the tour, enjoy a local Belizean meal at the village and learn about their culture and history. On your way back, look out for manatees. These animals are gentle and shy but very interesting.
diving in Belize

Scuba Diving & Certifications


Visit Laughing Bird Caye National Park for some of the best dives in Placencia. The water is crystal clear- perfect for practicing, discovering colorful corals and swimming with a large variety of fishes and other sea creatures. Whether you’re a rookie or a certified diver, Conrad and his licensed guides will be at your service while providing safe and professional equipment.

Placencia Wildside Adventures offer Open Water Certification, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and Divemaster Certifications. You can take private lessons and practice in your own atmosphere at your own pace. For those who don’t want to be certified, Conrad will gladly teach you the basics and assist while driving. As for the professionals, you can practice your skills, learn new ones and dive deeper for longer periods.

Choose One, two or three dives for the day. Begin early and do a dawn dive, or start late and do a dusk or night dive.



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