A list of all pages found on this website. Find information about Placencia Snorkeling Belize.

Placencia Wildside – The most recommended tour company in Placencia

Belize Island Adventures – About Islands and things to do

Belize Scuba Diving – Information about diving and being certified

Book Tours in Placencia – Contact and Booking information

Hunting Lion Fish – About saving the Barrier Reef

Placencia Photo – Photos of tours from Placencia Wildside

Placencia Tours – About things to do in Southern Belize

Island Adventures – Things to do on a private island or island resort

Monkey River Tour – About an Eco Tour

Placencia Fishing – Information about Fishing

Snorkeling Adventures – Places to go snorkeling and things to see

Placencia Village – A short description about the Peninsula

Promotions – About monthly or yearly promotions

Silk Cayes Snorkeling – About day trips to exotic cayes

About Placencia Snorkeling – Information about the owner and guides




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