Silk Cayes Snorkeling Trip


Join us Snorkeling at Silk Cayes in Turtle Alley. The Silk Cayes are three small islands known as the “Queen Cayes”. Trip to these islands are done from Placencia.
The Silk Cayes and Turtle Alley are about an hour away from Placencia, almost on top of the Belize Barrier Reef. Upon arrival, we will be greeted by the Park Ranger who will brief on the Dos and Don’ts of the island.

From there, your guide will then step in and give you a short intro to snorkeling adventure at hand. Next is a quickly guided snorkel for about an hour, where your guide will assist and guide you around the reef systems while pointing out various creatures of interest, then it’s back on the island.

gulls at silk cayes

Included in silk caye TRIP

Park fees, Lunch (Beach Bar-be-cue), Water, Sodas or juice, Guide and Snorkel Gears (mask, fins, snorkel).

Please bring along: Underwater camera, Sunscreen, and towels.

Depart at 9 a.m from our dock on the lagoon side of Placencia
Travel time: 1-hour boat ride to the par

Ranger briefing of the Parks Dos and Don’ts upon arrival.
High possibility of seeing Turtles, Eagle rays, Nurse shark, Roughtail stingrays

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The Highlight of the Trip

Once on the beach, you get to enjoy a freshly prepared meal (can be a packed lunch or a beach bar-be-cue, depends on the day). After lunch, you can swim or relax on the beach until you are ready for the next snorkel adventure.

When you’re ready, we will load up and take the boat over to a nearby patch reef. There you will enter the water from the boat, and the guide will take you along the patch reef.

As you go along, you will eventually end up at the place we call “Turtle Alley”. Here you will have a 90% chance of a close encounter with huge Loggerhead turtles and/or Rough Tail Stingrays, as well as Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. Don’t worry, they are all Harmless. Keep your hands to yourselves and enjoy the encounter.

Once that is done, we load up and head back to Placencia, all in a great day of fun.

Snorkeling at Silk Caye Silk Caye Marine Reserve

Visit beautiful white sandy beaches on a caye (tropical island) occupied by dozens of coconut trees, surrounded by turquoise water, decorated with corals and amazing tropical creatures! Professional snorkel guides are delighted to show you the ins and outs of snorkeling and how to find the good stuff. Snorkel before and after a delicious Belizean lunch on the beach.

Like a dream slowly materializing, docking at Silk Caye Marine Reserve triggers unexplored senses… With every second upon arrival, the beauty of this little picturesque island (surrounded by miles of turquoise waters and resting in view of Belize’s Great Barrier Reef) is emphasized.

This is it! Your snorkeling adventure is about to begin. Right here, within the confines of this heaven-on-earth…


With feet planted onto its shores and a 360-degree view of the alluring body of water, you will be guided into the shallow. A sitting position is a preferred way to slip on fins and securing the snorkel masks.

A group usually consists of swimmers and first-timers of various ages. With life vests fastened, let go, relax and float atop the blue waters.

Explore Magical coral formations of all colors. Discover the way they compete with other marine life for appeal, each complimenting the other so beautifully!

Quick Facts About the Silk Cayes

Silk Caye Marine Reserve is located just 36 km. east of Placencia Village, Belize.
A legislated protected zone since 2003, Silk Caye makes up only part of the attraction of this region known as Silk Caye and Gladden Spit Marine Reserve.

This wonderland of the marine eco-system is home to numerous endangered species of corals, turtles, and fishes, one of which can be spotted by your licensed tour guide during your snorkel!

Many tour guides and captains have spotted the Loggerhead Turtle, measuring about four (4) feet in length, swimming slowly along the cayes. Tour guide’s suspects these turtle’s to age at 45, in human-years!

Protected Marine Life includes:

  • Staghorn Coral
  • Fire Coral
  • Star Coral
  • Elkhorn Coral
  • Green Turtle
  • Loggerhead Turtle
  • Hawksbill Turtle
  • Goliath Grouper
  • Nassau Grouper
  • Great Hammerhead

(The gentle Whale Sharks, a filter eater, is a seasonal attraction for divers just outside of the Belize Barrier Reef, in the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve.)

Perfect for all ages and skill level
Informative, friendly and professional guide
Lunch included
Vegetarian meal option available
The ideal choice for families

From schools of permit fishes to the docile nurse and lemon sharks, every second of our 45-minute circular tour of Silk Caye was filled with epic discoveries…

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