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Silk Cayes Snorkeling

with the Turtles

The Silk Cayes are about an hour away from Placencia, almost on top of the Barrier Reef. There are also three small islands known as the "Queen Cayes" around these islands that are great for snorkeling. So on a typical day on the island, we visit the park ranger for a short briefing about the park system's do's and don'ts. Your guide will then step in and give you a short intro to snorkeling and the adventure at hand. Next is a quick guided snorkel for about an hour, where your guide will assist and guide you around the reef systems while pointing out various creatures of interest, then it's back on the island. Once ashore, you get to enjoy a freshly prepared meal (can be a packed lunch or a beach bar be cue, depends on the day). After lunch, you can swim or relax on the beach until you are ready for the next snorkel adventure. When you're ready, we will load up and take the boat over to a nearby patch reef. There you will enter the water from the boat, and the guide will take you along the patch reef. As you go along, you will eventually end up at the place we call "Turtle Alley". Here you will have a 90% chance of a close encounter with huge Loggerhead turtles- Southern and/or Rough Tail Stingrays, as well as Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. Don't worry, they are all Harmless. Keep your hands to yourselves and enjoy the encounter. Once that is done, we load up and head back to Placencia, all in a great day of fun.




Other snorkel charters available from placencia to: Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Pompion Caye, South Water Caye as well as half days at Lark Cayes or Bugle Cayes


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