LIONFISH Hunting trips


Lionfish Hunting in Belize widely done with scuba tanks and spear guns or polespear (spearfishing). What started as local population of lionfish in Florida quickly spread throughout the Caribbean and Central America coastline and Reef Eco-systems. The Lionfish (Pterois volitans) invasion of Belize Barrier Reef and patch reef systems has promoted businesses and as well as entire communities to form recreational solutions to protect the marine ecosystem.

you can book a Trip here at Placencia Wildside Adventures, for a combination Scuba Diving and hunting Lionfish. This is just one of the ways we are fighting back in Belize. There is a Lionfish Hunting tournament held yearly on at different location in Belize, in some places you can have this fish grilled or as a decorative lionfish jewelry. This is one way we are learning how to harvest lionfish.

Included in lionfish hunting TRIP

Park fees, Lunch, Water, Sodas or juice
Guide and dive Gears.

Please bring along: Sunscreen and towels.

Let’s Go Get Some Lionfish!

Depart at 9 a.m from our dock on the lagoon side of Placencia
Travel time: 1-hour boat ride to the park
Join the fish and protect the world’s second largest barrier reef.
Try to Break the Records for the Most Lionfish Caught in a Day.

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Hunting Lionfish in Belize

Are you a Certified Diver? Would you like to do something different while helping the reef? Let’s go hunt lionfish! Being a certified scuba diver is the only type of lionfish hunting certification you need. It is our guide job to assist you in find and removing the fish from your spear. This way you remain out of harms way.

The lionfish is an greedy, invasive and aggressive species of fish that was accidentally set loose in the Caribbean. They breed fast and feed voraciously, and we need to control their population and protect marine life.

Spotting a lionfish is easy at times. Most of the time the fish can be seen on top of the corals expose to you, or are hiding in the many hols or small opening in the corals.

Choose one, two or three dives for the day, head out to some of the less traffic dive sites and hunt! Let’s see if we can beat Belize’s record of “the most caught in a day”. your guide will handle the fish, reducing the risk of you coming in contact with their venomous spines.

Once caught, the fishes are either kept in a custom made lionfish holder or fed to sharks or groupers.

Help the reef while enjoying a great dive.

Our skilled dive guides will show you how to use our polespears, and take the fishes off. You won’t have to worry about getting poked with the spines, which are very painful.

You may take it a bit further and seek out a restaurant which serves lionfish as a grilled meal. To date Kaj Jewelry is the only store we know that offers lionfish jewelry, if you would like to take back a fashionable piece of one.

Once again, Join us on a Placencia Wildside Adventure for the hunt of a lifetime as we go lionfish spearfishing off the coast of Placencia.

What is a Lionfish?

The lionfish is a carnivorous fish native to the Indo-Pacific that is now an invasive species in the Atlantic and Caribbean sea.

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