placencia island adventures

​Secluded Island Getaway

Want to get away from it all? Our getaway makes it possible, visit our family owned island where there is nothing other than a great beach, let us know what you want to do, snorkel, relax and do nothing? It's what you want to do, nothing to it, it's your vacation and we are at your disposal. You can take the family out or just you and yours for a romantic getaway.

Hatchet Caye Island Resort

Resort Island Day Getaway

Others might not like the secluded islands, and want all the amenities we have a trip for you as well. Offshore Placencia has quite a few island resorts, so if you would like to get offshore and relax, hit us up, we can take you out, you can enjoy the island resort life for the day and we take you back to the mainland. The most notable of these are Hatchet Caye Island Resort and King Lewey's Island Resort, on these island you will find almost everything your mainland resort has.