Private Departures

We also realize that some people love to be in private groups consisting of only their significant other, or family or friends and because of that we offer private tour departures, if you have 4 or more or willing to pay the price for 4 we will be happy to put you on a private boat with your private guide. Boat size of course depends on the size of your group. 6 or less will use a 25 ft Panga boat over 6 will use one of our speedboats that we have readily available.

We Also Offer

Private Scuba Diving
Great for inexperienced divers who want to gain experience without feeling intimidated by experienced divers  

Private Scuba Certification Courses
Great for those that prefer learning without the hassles of having others watch as you learn

Private Fishing
Whether it be flats fishing, trolling, spin casting or bottom fishing we can get it done. Our guides are all experienced commercial fishermen that made the transition from commercial fishing to tourism most have been guiding since tourism came around to Placencia. 

silk cayes is home to many colorful schools of reef fish
curious nurse sharks on a snorkel in silk cayes placencia
colorful corals oft he silk cayes reef placencia snorkeling

**Full Day Barrier Snorkel at Silk Cayes and Turtle Alley**

The Silk Cayes is located approximately 24 miles East of Placencia Village, in the Gladden Spit Silk Cayes Marine Reserve. These 3 island known as North, Middle and South Silk Cayes or Queen Cayes are home to a great variety of marine critter big and small, being almost on top of the Barrier reef and near to open Sea you can snorkel for hours and never get bored. Your trip begins in Placencia with about an hour long boat ride out. Once on the island you are greeted by the park rangers who will give you a short briefing about the island and the park system when they are done your guide takes over with a snorkel briefing on the equipment and area, then your off for your first guided snorkel of the day, around the Caye, for about an hour, depending on your comfort, the guides will lead you along assisting you and pointing out various critters of interest and talking about them. Once done a light lunch will be served and a bit of time is allotted to enjoy the beach while the tummy settles off lunch. Once you have had your fill of beach and sun we load up in the boat and go over to “Turtle Alley” for a boat snorkel with some Loggerhead turtles, eagle rays, stingrays, nurse sharks, and other reef fishes. This area is used by fishermen as a cleaning station for their catch of the day; you will snorkel around a patch reef that will then take you up to this area where you will then get to encounter these curious critters, all them are harmless unless you provoke them, so keep your hands to yourselves. Snorkel and enjoy up close encounter with these marine animals after we are done with this we head back for Placencia as we reminisce on our day’s activities and the fun we had. Includes park entrance fees, snorkel gear, water, juice, lunch and guided tour

Tour time 7 hours
Price $90 US per Snorkeler

private scuba diving north wall silk cayes area placencia
our snorkel tours are family oriented and kids friendly

Embrace your “Wild Side”

lobsters are yummy, lets have some fresh ones in a bbq
huge coral mound host schools of fish silk cayes placencia snorkeljng

**Seafood Hunter and Beach BBQ**

Try our signature Family Fishing Adventure, this is not for expert fishermen but for those who wanna catch fish and have fun while doing it. You will go out to sea, do some trolling and bottom fishing for a bit then when the tide is out and the fish stop biting, take a snorkel while your guide hunts and spearfish for lobster or fish, along the way he might pick up some conch off the bottom. Lobster and conch are seasonal so depending on the time of the year, the guide will know what he can and can’t catch. Once done head over to one of the island and relax or snorkel again while the guts prepare the morning catch for lunch. Yep you got it fresh seafood that you caught or watched getting caught all bar be cued for your lunch. Once you’re done with lunch you will surely need a break, to settle your tummy, while the tummy is settling you as a group decide what next to do, more snorkeling or fishing or both. Tour time is 8 hours includes private boat and guide(s) all equipment, lunch, water, juice and rum punch, beers can be provided at cost price ($30 US per case or $1.50 per bottle) 

a good catch makes for a great day for a seafood combo beach bar be cue great family fun in the placencia area

Snorkeling is fun and that’s what we specialize in, “Snorkeling and Fun”

Placencia Wildside Adventures

Placencia, Belize is home to some of the best beaches in Belize and even the world and Snorkeling in the Placencia area is even better with each island having its own reef system, you can snorkel for days un-end without seeing the same reef. The people of Placencia Village are friendly and the guides are even friendlier and willing to take you snorkeling on our reef systems. Our snorkel tours are family friendly and are based around you the snorkeler and we do what it takes to let enjoy Placencia Belize. Snorkeling is fun.

stingray hiding in the sand around the silk cayes placencia

½ Day Snorkel @ Lark Caye Range

Lark Caye Range is a group of Mangrove and sand islands about 10 to 15 minutes east of Placencia, it makes for a great place to do a half day of snorkeling. This is an on demand tour and a great way to pack a lot of snorkeling on a short time. If you are a group of 4 or more (or willing to pay the price of 4) we can take you out for 3 to 4 hours and pack in 2 hours of snorkel and still have some beach time. Departure time is flexible depending on your group. After gearing up, you head out for a 15 minute boat ride to the Lark Caye Range of islands, each island has its own reef system some better than others We choose the better ones for you. You will enter the water from the boat for your first snorkel. If you’re a beginner have no fear we will teach you everything you need to know in shallow water before taking you out. We then head out for about an hour of snorkeling. We then get on the boat and head to one of the islands, where we can either choose to relax on the beach or do some more snorkeling, some can stay and enjoy the sun and some can go back to snorkeling. Trip includes guided tour, water and fruits as snacks

Time 3 to 4 hours
$50 US per Snorkeler

we fish to catch because fishing is fun for the entire family
north wall is the place for a private scuba dive filled with wild life placencia
the silk cayes has great coral and fish life placencia snorkeling
private scuba certification course makes it easier placencia
friendly stingrays while snorkeling in silk cayes placencia
earl is a general in the flats fly fishing around placencia
fresh conch makes great ceviche as an appitizer for a seaood combo bbq
Placencia Snorkeling is fun silk cayes laughing bird caye fishing beach bbq

Full Day Snorkel @ Laughing Bird Caye

This island was declared a national park in 1991 and listed as a world heritage site in 1996; this island is a snorkeler’s haven. It has white sandy beaches, coral reef all around it and full of underwater wildlife. The island itself is called a “Faro” which means it is almost like an atoll but it is on a shelf, inside the lagoon between the Belize barrier reef and the mainland. At Laughing Bird Caye you will go ashore and meet the park rangers who will brief you about the island and its facilitates the do’s and don’ts, from there you guides steps in and give you a snorkel briefing what u can expect to see, weather conditions, tips and tricks to become a proficient snorkeler, there hit the water for around an hour check out the critters and corals. Once done head in for a light lunch and some beach time then it’s off again for a second snorkel with luck you might cover an entire circle around the island. Then it’s back to Placencia. Includes snorkel gear, water, juice, lunch and guided tour

Time 6 hours
$75 US per Snorkeler 

Our snorkeling tour cater to both novice and experienced snorkelers and is family oriented, there are no divers on board, no waiting around, we go at the pace of our snorkelers.

Our guides are all Belizeans from the Placencia area, ready and willing to teach you how to snorkel or guide you along our reefs showing you the different attractions

Our equipment is comfortable and fits properly, our selection of snorkel gear is made from premium silicone that makes for a great no-leak, comfortable fit. No one likes leaky gear and nothing spoils your day faster than that

Our boats are comfortable, semi-covered, cushioned, and easily accessible. We welcome the disabled, (we will make the arrangements to accommodate)

fishing is fun especially in placencia
sandy beach of silk caye where there is always great snorkeling
turtles stingrays eagle rays all in one area at the silk cayes placencia
kids love to snorkel at the silk cayes placencia