You have probably heard about Belize in Central America from someone who had been there. Know, you are asking just where is Belize located exactly. Read on and learn what part of the world you can find a beautiful country with tropical weather.

Learn why you would want to visit Mayan Ruins, Waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, and the longest living barrier reef reserve along with Belize’s top destinations. We’ll go into detail not explain on the topic in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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The Secret location of Belize

Belize gets a lot of visitors from the United States of America, without of dought you are one of the people reading this.

If you can plot where Guatemala, Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea are, you will be pointed at Belize. This tiny country is Bordered to the North by Mexico and to the west by Guatemala and East by the Caribbean Sea.

You have probably been to the Yucatan peninsula, travel south and you will be at the border of Belize.

Belize’s unique location makes it a part of Central America and the Caribbean. This plays an important world in how the country views itself, having more in common with the Caribbean island nations. You will learn in our fact about Belize, a land which was once home of the mighty Mayan Civilization.

Easy way of locating Belize from the United States

An easy way anyone from the US can find Belize is to first find Mobile, Alabama. From there, draw a line out to the Gulf of Mexico down, till your line enters the Caribean sea. Doing this you would be pointing to the barrier reef to the east of Belize. YES! it’s that easy. If you continue drawing or following that line you will end in Honduras.

Maps showing Belize Location

If you had done our little illustration, you would have drawn a line 1000 miles from Mobile Alabama to Belize. We have a few Maos showing Belize’s location to give you a better understanding.

In some cases, we have come across people of Believe South America is everything south of the US Border. This is Fales, Belize is not located in Honduras and the larger region of South America.

Belize Central America Facts

  • Belize was once owned and colonies by Britain for over 180 years.
  • From the late 1700s to 1964 the Country was named British Honduras.
  • British Honduras is the country’s former name, up on til the early 1990s coins could still be seen with this name.
  • Belize is not an island, this misconception of the Country is due to the largest amount of tourists visiting the Two largest islands off the coast of Belize.
  • For comparison, the country is about 8% largest than El Salvador and about 45% smaller than Costa Rica in land area. Each of these countries is home to over 4 million more people than Belize.
  • Belize is considered a safe country to visit, with the lowest population density in Latin America.
  • English is the language widely spoken, followed by Spanish and Creole.
  • The Belizean people are of different ethnicity and culture; Garifuna, Mestizo, Maya, Creole, East Indians, and a few minor groups
  • In September 1981 Belize became an independent nation, raising its own flag and lowing the union jack. Since then the country remains a part of the British Commonwealth.
  • The US currency is accepted everywhere in the country at an exchange rate of 1 US dollar to 2 Belize dollars.
  • An unplesant fact about Belize is the over 40 percent of the live in poverty or border line poverty, making it the third poorest country in Central America.

Getting There

Now that you have learned the secret location of Belize, here is how you get there. Those of you who own a boat would likely be sailing to Belize. Navigational coordinate: 17.2176° or 17° 13′ 3″ north. and -87.5907° or 87° 35′ 27″ west. The post at a resort near Belize Great Blue Hole and Half moon Caye together form a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Today travel to this gorgeous country in Central America is made easy with the many flights to the International Airport near Belize City.

Here are a couple of places that have flights to this awesome location.

  • Panama – 2.3 hrs
  • El Salvador – 1 hr
  • Los Angeles – LAX – 4.4 hrs
  • Cancun – 1.4 hrs
  • Houston and Dallas Texas
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Chicago, Illinois

Popular Destination in Belize

Let’s explore Belize in more detail, know that you have located it on the map. The country is divided into 6 districts. From north to south the names are Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo, Stann Creek, and Toledo making up part of the country profile.

Get this! – We have Belize City in the Belize District the Country of Belize.

Corozal District – Here you will find Belize’s Northern Border with Mexico in an area known as Santa Elena. Not a place many tourist visit and is known as part of sugar cane farms. Sartenja a peaceful little fishing village is located in the district.

Orange Walk District – It’s simply the Sugar capital of the country and home of the Lamanai archaeological site featuring the famous mask temple. This is the largest district by land mass.

Belize District – The Economic center of the country, getting its roots from the logwoods exports from the colonial time. It is where you will find the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport. Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker fall under the jurisdiction of this district. Belize City is where the first cruise port was established. This district is more populated that the others.

Cayo District – This district is a gateway to countless adventures and a doorway to Guatemala. Many have traveled and stayed in San Ignacio Town for easy access to Tikal Temples in Peten, about 114 kilometers away. They’re many more Mayan Sites to visit while visiting this area, along with Waterfalls and rainforests. Evidently is a great place to retire if you are looking to move from the US to Canada.

Cayo District is also where you will be the Capital City name Belmopan.

Stann Creek District – Is known for its banana and citrus industry and is today becoming a tourism hotspot with Places like Placencia, Hopkins, and Tobacco Caye. Here you will find miles of beach to walk to simply unwind. Fisher forks can enjoy the water of the coast and spend the night on the island just offshore. The hummingbird high takes you inland through the Maya Mountains to the country’s capital city.

Toledo District – In my view, is truly the land that time has forgotten. The entire district has not seen much development. It’s the land of today’s Maya people and East Indians. Many areas are untouched a culture runs deep as the rivers that flow there. Its main town is a gateway to Roatan and other places in Honduras.

You've Found Belize, What's Next?

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