Fish and Snorkel

Spend the morning either bottom fishing or trolling around the inner reefs in the Placencia area,or just trolling along the barrier reef, catch snappers, groupers, mackerels, king mackerels, barracudas, maybe even get lucky with a Dorado or Wahoo along the Barrier reef, after all it is fishing. Once done with fishing we head to one of the nearby islands and snorkel a bit, while the morning's catch is being prepped and grilled for lunch. by the time you're done snorkeling lunch will be ready. enjoy a beach buffet lunch then relax a bit. when you're ready you can either fish or snorkel some more to end off an adventurous day. 

This can be combined with Lobster Hunting for a longer more adventurous day.

​Great family fun or something to do along with that special someone

​Secluded Island Getaway

Want to get away from it all? Our getaway makes it possible, visit our family owned island where there is nothing other than a great beach, let us know what you want to do, snorkel, relax and do nothing? It's what you want to do, nothing to it, it's your vacation and we are at your disposal. You can take the family out or just you and yours for a romantic getaway.

Monkey River Wildlife Sightseeing with Manatee Spotting

About 40 minutes south of Placencia is Monkey River Village a small small village at the mouth of Monkey River, this place was once a thriving town where the banana trade was centered. Now still home to a small amount of families you will head out from Placencia with one of the guides from the village, along the way you will pass through some mangrove tunnels then you're there at the mouth of Monkey River, you will head up the river cruising slowly as the guides point out various animals and insects of interest. There are many species of birds, minute bats, sunbathing iguanas, turtles and sometime even crocodiles. eventually you will stop at a trail, whichever one is th favorite of your guide. he will then lead you along the trail pointing out other items of interest while looking for the illusive howler monkey, these guys are small but loud, they can be heard from miles away, most times you get to see them. When done with the trail if the river level is suitable you will be able to take a swim then cruise back to the village for some locally prepared lunch. After lunch indulge in a chat with friendly villagers or head on home. on the way, stop in at local habitat area and look out for the shy West Indian Manatee, these guys are very shy but often times you can get a good view of them. from there is back to your resort to relax the rest of the day

Snorkeling is fun and that’s what we specialize in, “Snorkeling and Fun”

Placencia Snorkeling is fun silk cayes laughing bird caye fishing beach bbq

Straight Fishing

Whether it be it be Trolling, Spin Casting, Fly Fishing, Bottom Fishing or Deep Sea Fishing. We can accommodate Just let us know your pleasure and our guys will get you on the FISH.

Embrace your “Wild Side”

Placencia Wildside Adventures

Resort Island Day Getaway

Others might not like the secluded islands, and want all the amenities we have a trip for you as well. Offshore Placencia has quite a few island resorts, so if you would like to get offshore and relax, hit us up, we can take you out, you can enjoy the island resort life for the day and we take you back to the mainland. The most notable of these are Hatchet Caye Island Resort and King Lewey's Island Resort, on these island you will find almost everything your mainland resort has. 

Snorkel with the Turtles

At the Silk Cayes Marine Reserve

The Silk Cayes are about an hour away from Placencia, almost on top oi the Barrier Reef. they are 3 small islands also known as the "Queen Cayes" around these islands you can find great snorkeling. So on a typical day out once we're there on the island we listen to a ranger briefing about he park system the do's and dont's and then your guide will step in and give you a short intro to snorkeling and the adventure at hand, and how you will proceed, then you will go for a guided snorkel for about an hour where your guide will assist and guide you around the reef systems while point various creatures of interest, then back ashore the island. Once on the island you will enjoy a freshly prepared meal (can be a packed lunch or a beach bar be cue, depends on the day) After lunch you can swim or relax on the beach until you are ready for the next snorkel adventure. when you are ready we will load up and take the boat over to a nearby patch reef. Here you will enter the water from the boat the guide takes you along the patch reef, as you go along you will eventually end up at  what we call "Turtle Alley" here you will have a 90% chance of a close encounter with huge Loggerhead turtles, Southern and/or Rough Tail Stingrays as well as Nurse Sharks and Eagle Rays. Don,t worry they are all Harmless, unless you provoke them so keep your hands to yourselves and enjoy the encounter once that is done with, we load up on the boat and head back to Placencia, all in a great day of fun.

Other snorkel charters available to Laughing Bird Caye National Park, Pompion Caye, South Water Caye as well as half days at Lark Cayes or Bugle Cayes

Snorkeling always makes for a fun day with the family or that special someone

Snorkeling, Lobster Hunting and Island R&R

Our family owned island has nothing on it, just an empty paradise, live the life of a lobster fisherman for a few hours as we snorkel along and hunt lobsters and your guides catch them. along the way if we find a conch we pick it up or a good eating fish we spear it for the grill, once the snorkel/hunt is done we relax on the beach or in the water as the morning's catch is prepped and grilled. Then we enjoy a seafood buffet with our catch. After lunch we can either relax for the rest of the day or we snorkel some more, depends on how you feel, Rum Punch is included but you have to order it before the trip starts.

Keep in mind lobsters and conch is seasonal so our catch is dependent on the season. 

Lobster season is closed February 14th to June 15th

Conch season is closed  July 1st to October 1st